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An Award Winning Online Marketing Agency

15 years, 100,000+ pages ranked, 25,000+ calls generated and 250,000+ leads generated

As a full service digital agency, we analyze every facet of your online presence regardless of the size and scope of your business. Through our expertise in analysis, development, and design, we create unique and customized digital marketing solutions for every client that are 100% attainable to return on investment. What good is a marketing program if you cannot attribute it to results? This is where our strength lies.

" After the first year in business we were only barely making it. Most months we only broke even. After hiring Vision Logiq as our online partenrs we grew by 150% month on month. We now have over 75 staff and more than 80% of our sales are online."

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Digital marketing solutions through SEO thought leaders and teachers.

We are more than SEO specialists. We understand the behavior of the consumer. Before we take on any campaign, our team goes through several different role play scenarios to act like the searcher or customer. How do they think? What would they search for if they were in the market for a product or service? Every one of our campaigns begin with this holistic and semantic based approach before 1 keyword is even researched. We think different. We are different. All of our core managers are also teachers. You can frequently find us serving interns through a comprehensive program we keep in-house for local colleges as well as international universities. SEO Brand is excited and pleased to train the next generation of SEO and digital marketing leaders who often become members of our team and regular contributors to our blog. 90% of our client base has already been through a few digital agencies which is why we ensure that we are last agency they will ever need. We love to teach what we do and more importantly, communicate a clear understanding to our clients WHY we are doing what we do.

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Amazon PPC Management

Amazon PPC management could be what your business is missing. Amazon is the largest online eCommerce platform, with billions of visitors each month. With a professional Amazon advertising strategy from SEO Brand, you can quickly boost your product sales and dominate your niche by getting your listings at the top of Amazon marketplace search results. SEO Brand is the data-driven Amazon marketing and PPC agency you are looking for. Our experts can help you optimize your Amazon advertising strategy and generate more sales of your products on Amazon’s marketplace – all while increasing your Amazon profit margins and keeping your brand relevant with its core audience.
A smart Amazon PPC strategy can get your products to the top of the Amazon search results for your targeted keywords. To make it happen though, you need to make sure that you’re bidding on the right keywords and bidding the right amount, and that’s where our Amazon PPC optimization service can make all of the difference. With optimized Amazon PPC, you’ll bid on keywords on which you want your product pages to rank and then shoppers will click on your ads and visit your product page. The result is more sales and increased revenue with optimized spending on Amazon advertising. All you need to make it happen is an expert Amazon PPC agency that can set up your campaigns, optimize bid prices and product pages, and deliver the best returns on your investment.

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LinkedIn Ads

Linkedin ads allows, through their advertising platform, to diffuse your message on this social network. The professionally-focused social site allows your company to directly target individuals by age, industry, job title, education level, and more; all within your unique budget and objectives. It’s a powerful tool for building brand awareness in the professional sphere, and a trusted strategy for businesses trying to connect with – and generate leads from – industry experts of all types. SEO Brand offers LinkedIn ad management services that can help you take your LinkedIn ad campaigns to the next level and reach more people with your message. In addition to overseeing your LinkedIn advertising account, our team of agency pros can create and design custom ad copy and make sure it is displayed properly and placed directly in front of your desired audience. With our LinkedIn advertising services, your company’s LinkedIn ad campaigns get personal attention with targeted objectives. We’ll help you get more eyes on your ads and on your site. We’re more than just a LinkedIn advertising agency, which means we understand the ins and out of digital marketing campaigns from a variety of important angles, including content, SEO, conversions, and competitive analysis. We’re proud to call ourselves experts in paid search advertising across the web and social media, and we bring years of experience in helping companies do bigger and better in their social media ad campaigns. As your LinkedIn advertising manager, we’ll help you gather qualified leads with custom made ad campaigns designed to convert.

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What We Are Bloody Good At

Ecommerce SEO Services: Vision Logiq are SEO Experts

Capture more online sales with ecommerce SEO services from Vision Logiq. Access the team and tech that have helped our clients earn $3 billion in revenue, and use them to accelerate your earnings from the web. Learn more about our tech-enabled ecommerce SEO services now, or request a custom proposal for your store.

Site Speed Optimization Services with Vision Logiq

A strategy that is often overlooked, website speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors, your site will likely lose conversions and revenue. Nearly half of web searchers won’t wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site. Is your site fast enough to keep users around?

Drive Sales With PPC Management Services with Vision logiq

Vision Logiq are a leading PPC management company that uses paid search to drive sales for your business. Whether you want to increase conversions, website traffic, or both, our tech-enabled PPC services will help you achieve your goals, plus measure and maximize your ROI from PPC. With more PPC Awards than any other New York Firm

Professional Website Copywriter Services with Vision Logiq NY

Vision Logiq is a leading copywriting agency that maximizes your online and offline success with original, compelling copy that ranges from blog posts to sales content to online guides. Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, website traffic, or sales, our website copywriter services can help your business achieve its goals.

Enterprise SEO Services: Simplify Your Corporate SEO

A large site introduces several challenges, from competing in competitive search results to improving existing rankings to building strategies that help your brand reach its long-term goals. At Vision Logiq, we offer enterprise SEO services that ease the complexity of SEO, as well as drive the sales and revenue your brand demands.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Vision Logiq is a leading geofencing advertising agency that focuses on growing your business. Our competitor geofencing advertising services target your industry events, competitors’ locations, and more with pinpoint accuracy. By targeting the people who visit the locations and places that matter most to your target audience, we help you reach your goals for growth, revenue, and more.

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